Dog Grooming

Dog grooming is one of your dog's basic needs and an important part of dog ownership. Just like people, dogs need physical maintenance to look and feel their best.


Fortunately, dogs do not need to bathe as often as people, but you do need to learn how much grooming your dog actually needs and keep it on a schedule.


Generally, a dog’s grooming needs depend on the breed and hair type. If your dog has a skin, ear or nail condition, follow your veterinarian’s instructions regarding grooming your dog.


It is also important to use the appropriate grooming tools. This is where Millie Chops can help, we are a local Dog Groomer based in Sible Hedingham, near Halstead in Essex.  We are local to the area and serve clients and their dogs in and around the area including: Castle Hedingham, Halstead, Gosfield, Ridgewell, Great Yeldham, Little Yeldham, Claire and other surrounding villages.

There are many reasons why you should have your dog professionally groomed, here are just a few:


When it comes to dogs and cats, the most common pets, grooming helps the animal become accustomed to being touched. Brushing your pet’s hair each evening can help relax you, as well as the animal. Your pet will get acquainted with your groomer while we help teach it to lie down calmly while we lavish it with attention,

de-tangle its hair and remove any debris from its coat. This is especially true for clipping the nails of your dog or cat. Performing these techniques will make it easier, in the long run, to care for your animal’s feet.

Control Shedding

Shedding is also a major issue that can be remedied with regular grooming. While all shedding cannot be completely avoided, routinely brushing and bathing with a conditioning shampoo will help cut back on the need for you to vacuum the carpet. A drop in shedding will be noticed when you regularly use a pet brush, since the brush stimulates oil producing glands in the animal’s skin that help keep it healthy and hanging onto hair.

As a trained professional we know the proper way to groom your pet, specific to each breed and will be able to trim your pet’s hair, which is especially helpful for pets with thick coats.

Avoid Medical Problems

Some actions, such as checking an animal’s eyes, teeth, and ears regularly, can help you avoid major medical bills. Many cat and dog breeds are susceptible to illnesses that can be caught early, simply by paying attention to your pet and thoroughly checking the animal’s entire body during daily grooming sessions. 


A final benefit is all about looks. Animals feel better when they are groomed, and also tend to look better. Keep your dog or cat in top condition by tending to its needs regularly. Avoid matted hair that is difficult to untangle, nails that are too long and curled and other issues by paying attention to your pet each day. If you don’t have time to groom your pet yourself, schedule an appointment with us at Millie Chops where we have the knowledge and care to take care of your beloved pet. Taking a little time for your animal regularly will pay off in loving rewards heaped upon you by your pet.